Electromagnetic Radiation...what is it?


Its everywhere.  We are surrounded by a matrix of waves coming from the sun, electrical wires, cell phone, and even the outlets of your house.  Some are good, like sunlight and some pretty bad like X-rays or microwave ovens.

How can it HURT me?

SInce we are surrounded, our bodies can be influenced, some more than others, to the frequencies of the current  technologies.  Many studies have shown that certain radiation at frequent  levels of exposure, can alter DNA, cells, hormones, and even brain & heart function.

Source: Scientific American

There are different types of sources of radiation:


  • Electrical - Anything with electrical lines 

  • Magnetic - Anything with a magnetic field including electrical motors

  • Ionizing - UV, Gamma, and X - ray

  • Wireless - radio, wifi, microwave, etc.


WIth an In-home or In-office inspection, you can find out what is  around you and potentially harming you and your family.

I want to find out if I'm being subjected to this radiation, what do I do?

Get an Inspection!

A certified technician comes in to your site and thoroughly goes over potential hazards surrounding you.  


FInd out if your headaches, insomnia, depression or other ails can be caused by you wifi, microwave,cell phone, or even your ceiling fan.

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